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[중고] V.A. / The Most Beautiful love Songs - Screen Music Vol.2

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1. I Will Always Love You (from "bodyguard") - Whitney Houston
2. A Whole New World (from "aladdin") - Peabo Bryson & Regina Bell
3. When I Fall In Love (from "sleepless In Seattle") - Clive Griffin & Celine Dion
4. Wind Beneath My Wing (from "beaches") - Bette Midler
5. Glory Og Love (from "karate Kid Part Ll") - Peter Cetera
6. All For Love (from "three Musketeers") - Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart & Sting
7. Take My Breath Away (from "top Gun") - Berlin
8. Lady, Lady, Lady. (from "flashdance") - Joe Esposito
9. Do You Know Where You`re Going To (from "mahogany") - Diana Ross
10. For Your Eyes Only (from "james Bond") - Sheena Eastan
11. The Way We Were (from " Way We Were") - Barbra Streisands
12. Best That You Van Do (from "arthur`s") - Christopher Cross
13. Through The Eyes Of Love (from "ice Castles") - Melissa Manchester
14. You Would Be My Baby (from "the Mask") - Vanessa Wiliams
15. The Crying Game (from "crying Game") - Boy George
16. Beautiful Maria Of My Soul (from "mambo Kings") - Los Lobos
17. Bette Davis Eyes (from "bette Davis Eyes") - Kim Carnes
18. Eye Of The Tiger (from"rocky Lll") - Survivor

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